The harmonious new tone Opal Green complements the existing Junto porcelain colours Ocean Blue, Pearl Grey and White. It radiates calmness, clarity and vastness. Reminiscent of the colour of cold gemstones, the fine glaze perfectly emphasizes the delicate diamond relief. Despite its subtle restraint the colour expresses a strong presence at the dinner table. The aquamarine is considered the mother of all gems. The name already takes up the close connection to the soft dark blue nuances of the sea water and its optical reflections, depths and shallows. The circular blue shades of the new Junto colour reflect the infinite variety of water. Interspersed with pastel speckles of beige and cream, each plate is unique. Made of cream stoneware, Junto Aquamarine combines lightness and pleasant freshness. It makes the dining table a place of well-being and joie de vivre.