Mesh IT

modernity and
inspiring flexibility


stands for modernity, inspiring flexibility and can be combined perfectly. The trendy colours walnut, aqua and cream accentuate the collection’s unusual structure, forming a striking contrast with white porcelain. The colour glaze specially developed for Mesh is applied in layers of various thicknesses to create the incisive line relief in an exciting light/dark contrast, giving each product a unique colour gradation and that unmistakeable hand-made character.


Sixth Sense

Enjoy with all six senses

Enjoy with all

six senses

Gemma Bernal’s “Sixth Sense” gourmet cloche invites us to enjoy our dining experience with all six senses. With its sloping sides and collection grooves, the innovative cover prevents condensation from dripping onto your food. Essences and sauces can be served separately via the top opening and three different plugs/insets. The accompanying gourmet plate features indents and a groove structure to allow optimal presentation of the meal.


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